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I am Daniel Młynek,

music composer, singer, lyricist,

and this is my website

Listen to my

music, read my texts,

and choose from services

I offer.



What I offer

Music to jazz up

I will compose music for your filmvideocommercialcompany or any other project. I will make either a musical background or an arrangement. Through tones, I will create unique atmosphere and give your story the right expression. Every melody, every chord is like a storyteller that breathes life into your project. It gives it what it needs.

Words to reach out

I will write music lyrics, which accurately expresses your thoughts and feelings. Both poetic and thoughtful. With the aim to entertain or sell. Whether you want it in CzechEnglish or Polish. I will create lyrics that will resonate.

A voice to caress

I will give your project a voice. I will record solo vocals, backing vocals and spoken word. Your project will receive the gift of touch - it will grab your heart and won't let go.

Order a no-obligation consultation.

With a free sample upon request.

Contact me

Sankh.Art Music - Jak se Daniel Młynek dostal k tvorbě hudby a psaní textů písní

My story


Already as a child I liked to sing and make up my first melodies on the piano. In elementary school, I performed regularly in public and experienced first successes. However, the music of other authors did not fulfill me. I needed to find my own identity and, above all, to get rid of the pressure of others. So when high school came, I gave up on music and entered a turbulent period full of addictions.


I came back to music only after I hit rock bottom. Writing and composing gave my life a whole new dimension and meaning. I began to write myself out of what was holding me down. After ten years of work, my personal music therapy became a passion and I decided to show it to the world. 


As a self-taught musician, I have a completely unique style. My songs combine a jazz feel, a funky groove and a pop catchiness. Since 2023, I also compose music for films, videos, art therapy and companies. As an artist, I am perceptive and empathetic. I create music with a story that has meaning and emotional depth.


Besides music, it was yoga that helped me as well. It allowed me to find the inner peace and an endless source of inspiration. That's why I created the brand SANKH.ART. The term SANKHA here refers to the conch shell, which is a symbol for self-discovery in Indian culture. Together with the word ART, it expresses my relationship with music as a means of self-discovery.

SANKH.ART is therefore a combination of my passion and my personal journey. It is a brand that shows who I am and what I do. A brand that expresses the music story of my life and that can express yours. See for yourself. Contact me

Sankh.Art Music - hudební produkce na zakázku
Sankh.Art Music - Inspiraci čerpá Daniel Młynek nejraději v přírodě

Music production

Song - a bridge to the soul

Music is my language and songs my stories. The songs are a reflection of my inner self. But  they also act as a mirror for you. Listen to my songs and find in them what is yours.

Film Music

Every film has a story and every story has a narrator. In film, it is the music that gives the image a voice, enhancing the emotion, tension and atmosphere of each scene. This is what I stick to in my work.

Joker (DnB)Daniel Młynek
00:00 / 01:26
Flirt (Alternative)Daniel Młynek
00:00 / 02:31
Catharsis (Jazz)Daniel Młynek
00:00 / 01:09
Sankh.Art | Daniel Młynek: filmová hudba na zakázka
Documentary (Piano)Daniel Młynek
00:00 / 05:18

Music for social networks

Well-chosen music will increase the narrative value of the video. It will ensure that the message is heard as strongly as possible. A short video on InstagramFacebook or TikTok can be even more original.

Therapeutic music

Art heals, I know that myself. That's why I love creating a musical setting that supports the process of self-discovery and healing. I help where I know it well.

Sankh Art | Daniel Młynek: terapeutická hudba na zakázku
AngerDaniel Młynek
00:00 / 03:00
ReleaseDaniel Młynek
00:00 / 03:08

Music for companies (audio branding)

A company needs its own sound too. I create customized music for businesses. I give the brand a sound identity, highlight values and strengthen communication with customers.

Other projects

Not found what you were looking for? Just let me know and we will create something unique together!

Email me


Texts and lyrics


My lyrics are mainly introspective. They take me inward and bring me to the essence of being. Although introspection remains my main interest, I am increasingly experimenting with different styles and themes.


Inspiration whispers to me whether I'm in the music studio or walking in the woods. All I need is one sentence, a single thread, in order to make a poem sew itself.


For one cultural center, I wrote and narrated a fairy tale that accompanies visitors in an interactive tunnel. It is a three-part story about a drop that travels from a spring to the sea. Along the way, it meets animals and asks them thoughtful questions.

Do you want a fairy tale of your own?

Call me

Sankh.Art Music - náhled do studia, kde příběhy se píšou samy
Sankh.Art Music - nechte si vytvořit hudbu na míru

Contact me

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